Angel Dance & Illuminated Songs
Angel Dance
music video

Music by Robert Plant, Band of Joy, images by Jeanne Wilkinson, featuring Cycropia Aerial Dance and curious objects from J. Taylor, Madison, WI

Beth Dances the Tango

Images by Jeanne Wilkinson, music by the Buffali (which includes Jeanne's son Andrew Keeley Yonda and also Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld), starring the Painted People and Andrew and Jennifer Keeley Yonda.
A Marshmallow World

"A Marshmallow World" sung by Courtney Collins with Jeremy Ylvisader, J.T. Bates and Michael Lewis. Imagery by Jeanne Wilkinson. Photography and camera work by Courtney Collins, Judi Collins, Dan Wilkinson, Jeanne Wilkinson, Tona Williams and Jeremy Ylvisader.
La Isla Bonita

La Isla Bonita sung by Courtney Collins, written by Patrick Leonard and Bruce Gaitsch, first sung by Madonna. Images by Jeanne Wilkinson, starring the Painted People in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, among other places.