The “City Symmetry Series” continues my exploration of abstract forms in everyday life. I’m continually struck by the physical grace of the city and how its linearities overlap and complement each other, forming dynamic relationships that change moment to moment via sun, streetlights and shadows. I’m constantly taking photos of New York City, which I then alter in Photoshop to create these digital collages. The idea of symmetry has fascinated me for a long time, specifically the concept that life originates from small imbalances, or broken symmetries. When I was at Pratt in the MFA program, I found a book called "The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry" by Jay Hambidge which connected nature and mathematics in a way that really spoke to me. In all of my imagery, the symmetries do not match, but instead form often tenuous balances that move from color to color and linearity to linearity. I believe these images reflect the nature of the city, which is not the sterile, hostile place I once thought it was, but intrinsically and potentially an arena of beauty and growth.