Beyond Words
"The Sea Will Answer" pending, poem, Spring 2020

Penn Review
"A Brutal Business" pending, creative nonfiction, Spring 2020

The Write Launch
   "Hashish and Mother Goose" - January, 2020
   Chapter from my memoir: 
   1969: My Year with a San Francisco Drug Dealer (unpublished).

The Passed Note Young Adult Literary Magazine
   "A Room of Our Own" - fiction, pending, 2020.

Musepaper, New Millennium Writings
   "The Vacation of a Lifetime" - essay, published November, 2019

Cleaning Up Glitter, a literary arts non-profit & e-journal
   "How to Be Dead" - essay, published October 10, 2019

The Coil Magazine, Alternating Current Press, a Medium Corporation
"The Last Thing I Loved: Collecting Rocks and Bones" - an essay
   from a trip to Australia with my sister, published June 2019,
   with my photographs.

Prometheus Dreaming   
   "Last Night My Father" - poem, published June, 2019

   "Left Behind" - flash short story inspired by our human (pre)history
   of walking, and of not being able to keep up,
   published June 4, 2019

   (This story was also published on Fall, 2019)

Lemon Theory
   "Subway Lessons" - essay about the NYC transit system
   (also featuring my artwork), published online May 5, 2019
   (Domain expired, contact me for access to this essay.)

Metafore Magazine
   "The Priest and the Dandelion" - memoir short story, 
   published online January 5, 2019 (scroll down to p. 94)

New Millennium Writings, Musepapers,
   Music Prompt Top Three Award Winner:
   "A Tale of Two Concerts" - excerpt from memoir 
   1969: My Year with a San Francisco Drug Dealer, 
   published online January 13, 2018

Ravens Perch
Cooking with Peyote" - excerpt from memoir, published June 2017

Digging Through the Fat, Community section
 "In the End was the Word: a (Dis)missive from God" -
   Re-publication of Columbia Journal fictional piece
   March 7, 2017

Columbia Journal 
In the End was the Word: a (Dis)missive from God" -
   published April 16, 2015

WNYC Leonard Lopate Essay Contest
Ruminating on Ruminants/Breaking Up with Cows" -
   fourth place winner, published online June 27, 2007

National Public Radio's Living on Earth
"The Accidental Wilderness" - b
roadcast of essay, April 19, 2002

1993 - 2006, Critical essays and reviews for Sculpture, American Ceramics, Ceramics Monthly, The New York Review of Art, Review Magazine, D'Art International, Cover Magazine, Tribeca Trib and numerous artists' catalogs. For a list of art criticism and essays contact me at